March 2, 2022

SVP127 - Milk n’ Cornbread Is Fuecoco’s Favorite Meal ft. ScottyMoFoSho

What did you ask Santa Gabe for Chrimbus? We hope it was a new Steam Deck, because Gabe Newell's loading up his T-shirt cannon and delivering them straight to your front door!


The ScrubVerse boys are back yet again to discuss Funko Pop addictions, the Foo Fighters new horror comedy "Studio 666", and how "The Backrooms" is primed for an ARG video game adaption in the near future. We also dissect Capcom's Street Fighter 6 announcement and why Fuecoco is the best thing to come out of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet reveal. Oh, and we've got another edition of "Pack 1, Pick 1", this time with arcade cabinets!


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Opening: "ScrubVerse Theme - Wily" by Kubaluka

Closing:  Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Dark Waters" by MkVaff

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